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This website is set up so that you can quickly learn the basic facts about climate change and how to use the Climate Stick to tell them. This is not always enough to make the urgency of the issue clear to those who have not accepted the facts about our future if we continue burning fossil fuels.

Each of the pages below presents additional information, or presents information differently, for your consideration as you create your own Climate Story.

Remember to use the video. It will be upgraded but it presents the essential story. And chose any of the following pages to get help in making your climate story

After your first trip to this web-site you may not need to visit this page again.

Climate Stick Introduction

Simple Climate Stick Facts (Green Up)

Simple Climate Stick Facts (Red Up)

Sustainability Stool

Climate Stick Basics

Create your Climate Story

Climate Stick History

Three Things

The material here will be the basis for the Climate Stick Flyer (on paper) that will be distributed at events where the Climate Stick will be given out.

Blue Shirt

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