Breaking the Cone of Silence

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Breaking the Cone of Silence with your Name

Breaking the Cone of Silence by telling your community you are a member of the mass movement to end the burning of carbon is one of the important things that the Climate Stick Project promotes.

The Student Signup Forms can be downloaded by clicking here.

The 2020 Student spread sheet should also be downloaded. When you email us the spreadsheet, be sure to put Your Climate Stick Club or Committee Name in the email. You will put the information from the Student Signup Forms into the spread sheet.

In your paper form, fill in your First and Last Name, City, State, Zip, Country then sign and print your email address on the paper form and have others do the same. Please print carefully – your volunteers must enter this data.

Scan the forms and email them to Email the excel spreadsheet to the same address.

Alternatively, your info will be automatically added to the list on the Supporters page if you make a small donation with a credit card on the website Donate Page.