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Beyond the Get Involved and Learn About Pages, there are many other aspects of the Climate Stick Project that may help you as you work to end the burning of carbon and the transfer to sustainable energy sources. Enjoy what others are doing to support you.

While not exactly formal partners there have been, and are, many people and organizations that support the Climate Stick Project and its goal.

Details of the Science

These books and articles are the main source of our Climate Stick activity.

Bill McKibben articles in Rolling Stone, plus the book!
Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math
Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing
Other Must Reads
Don’t Even Think About It, George Marshall
The Madhouse Effect, Michael Mann
Great Visualizations
Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Distribution Allies

These people and organizations play an important role in getting the message of the Climate Stick out to the 60 percent of Americans who want to get a sustainable climate.
Voodoo Manufacturing
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