Simple Climate Stick Facts (Red Up)

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RED and YELLOW are CO2 from burning the carbon on the books of the fossil fuel industry. As temperature increase approaches 58.6°F (As the YELLOW approaches the RED) the ability of world food production to meet human needs will be drastically reduced.

YELLOW is the amount of CO2 that the atmosphere can hold before heating makes agriculture unsustainable. Predictions are that we have 6 years to end the burning of carbon so that we do not reach the RED by 2039 plus or minus 5 years.

YELLOW line (past in 1988) is 350ppm of CO2, the maximum level of CO2 that sustains our human population.

BLACK is CO2 added by humans burning carbon since 1804 (1 billion population) reaching 414ppm in May 2019 with temperature increase of 1.6°F.

GREEN is CO2 at 275ppm that supported human population growth for 800,000 years with an average temperature of 55°F.

We hope that your accepting of a Climate Stick tells us that you are a member of the mass movement to end the burning of carbon and a supporter of conservation and sustainable energy production.

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