Create Your Climate Story

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Create your own comfortable Climate Story

For you to successfully communicate your Climate Story to those you engage with, you must go beyond the “green is good, black is harmful and as we approach the red we are in for very, very bad times” version of the story.

  • You will need to know the Basic Facts of the Climate Stick and then think through why climate change is so unpleasant for you to talk about.
  • The Sustainability Stool will help you relate how your climate story is connected with how you personally work to reduce your own carbon foot print. What you do can be part of your story.

  • You should develop your climate story with another Climate Stick Supporter if possible. You can share ideas and practice with each other. It is important to remember that this is important work. You should treat it like you were preparing for a speech: have an outline, rehearse it, make it so there is no hesitation in the basic parts of it, and have answers for the most likely questions like “how to you know this is true?”
  • Over time as events happen such as major floods, storm and fires you can engage in conversations about how these are likely evidence of the change in climate.

The Learn About area provides resources to help you to create your story.